You can find on this page the Shanghai buses map to print and to download in PDF. The Shanghai bus system map and the Shanghai trolley map present the network, stations and lines of the buses and trolley of Shanghai in China.

Shanghai trolley map

Map of Shanghai trolleybuses

The Shanghai trolley map shows all the stations and lines of the Shanghai trolleybus system. This trolley map of Shanghai will allow you to easily plan your routes in the trolleys of Shanghai in China. The Shanghai trolley system map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Shanghai iconic trolley buses have long been joked about by locals who often refer to them as the "braids" of the city (see Shanghai trolley map). But the electric-powered transport system looked until recently as though it was going to be faded out, like many other aspects of city life. The oldest trolley route, the No. 14, was shut down in June 2014.

The Shanghai Trolley bus system is the world oldest continually operating trolley bus system. Trolley buses are numbered under 30 and they operate on selected routes as you can see in Shanghai trolley map. Compared to trams, the trolley buses were more flexible to run. Shanghai trolley buses can change direction and move around traffic. Developing a trolley bus route is also less expensive and time-consuming.

Around 2000, the push to reinstate trams and trolley buses in Shanghai city grew stronger and one official from the Shanghai Bashi Public Transportation Group stated that trolley buses will not disappear and more new-generation trolley buses will be operating in the future (see Shanghai trolley map).